Our Services

Web Application Development


Our team is highly skilled in providing custom web application based solution with expertise in wide variety of technology stack. Whether you need a brand new website, an addition to your existing one, or a web-based application, DDT can recommend the most suitable technology and approach for your business.

Mobile Application Development


With iPads and other mobile devices now commonplace in business, your data needs to be available and usable on all platforms. While modern, mobile responsive websites can resize to suit any device, a custom built application offers a unique set of benefits that a website alone can’t deliver. DDT has team of experts who works closely with Business stakeholders and end users to assist the Business to analyse and improve their business processes to identify the most important mobile solutions to increase their ROI.

Custom Software Development


We feel it is important to have flexible application software developed that can evolve with your business. When 'off the shelf' software can't get the job done, a tailored software solution is needed; custom software that is developed specifically for you, to provide you with the highest level of functionality, usability, and performance.



With modern businesses, there are many sources of information. It is often difficult to keep all these sources up to date. Often it will happen that one part of the business will have to re-key information into another system. This is an incredible waste of time and why it is important to have good system integration. DDT has many years of experience integrating various systems for our customers.

Enterprise Solutions


We know that efficient enterprise systems are essential in reaching business objectives.  We can improve your business processes through custom development of inventory, ordering, rostering or scheduling systems and more.

Reporting Solutions


 Reporting can be an enormous drain on productivity if information is collected manually from a range of places. Likewise, an automated reporting system can’t be used effectively if it’s slow or provides limited data. DDT can audit your current reporting processes and integrate with your existing application to implement the right technology and generate accurate reports.